Territory – North American Review

My short story ‘Territory’, about pig hunters looking for love in the Northern Territory, can be read in the North American Review.

Excerpt of ‘Territory’:

They meet in a gash of clear fell where you can see the sky. Marko turns his car engine off and the woman beside him strokes her long, black-painted nails like they’re her pets. Outside, Scotty has the buggy unloaded and gives it a few revs. His dog is still in the cage, quiet at the sound. Scotty revs again. He has a new baby and Marko knows full well: he needs the noise. After a while Marko leans out the window into the heat.
We going or what?
Scotty leaves the buggy by some stumpy trees, half dead already from burnoff, and hands Marko a can of beer.
They’ll know we’re here if you keep revving it, Marko tells him.
Scotty smiles around the can.
We’ll fucken find them.
Scotty laughs with apple cheeks that look stuffed like a glazed pig. The sun is all over them now, low. Blow-job hot.
Boars before whores, Scotty mutters.
Marko laughs silently out the window so the woman can’t see him. He finishes his can, mashes it slowly against the side of the car, and throws it into the bush.


The rest of the story can be read on the North American Review website

The story is  illustrated by Anthony Tremmaglia, and a post about the making of the story is here on The North American Review Blog