Story excerpt ‘Those last days of summer’



That summer stretched yearlong and we were always giving birth. We tried to make a game of it at first — taking turns in the narrow cells and pitching our cries like songs but towards the end we were either just fat or skin. The cells formed a long hall, lit sixteen hours a day and always the same: a fearsome golden light coming from the roof; particles of skin floating through the air, in our throats, our faces; the sisters above us and the sisters below. We were all born to the cell and none of us, not our mothers or their mothers before that, really knew if there was anything but the slanting cage floor, our cellmates, the heat.

Download the rest of this story at Co-respond, a collaboration between artists and writers at SEVENTH gallery. ‘Those last days of summer’ was written in response to Jade Burstall’s amazing video work ‘Trading Futures’ (pictured).